Eight Great Horror Mobile Games To Play On iOS And Android


When you first start up Simulacra, you’re presented with what looks like the interface of an ordinary phone asking for a passcode to access. This is no ordinary phone, however, and before you can guess the code correctly glitches begin to appear, with a video of a traumatized woman looking for help. The phone and its secrets are your only resource, and you must figure out what happened and how to fix it. This simple concept quickly becomes one of the most harrowing games on mobile devices.

The beauty of Simulacra lies in its realism; finding a lost phone is not uncommon in today’s age, but what would happen if you were greeted to the same kind of video? As you dig into the story and more details become available, the mysteries within pile up and before long you’re playing this game from dawn until dusk. At $4.99 Simulacra is one of those games that only works on mobile, but man does it work great.

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