A beautiful story brings a new story to life

On 22 September 2020 at 7.10 pm the Bandits-Mages association was dissolved. Far from disappearing, it was transformed like Emmetrop into another and new entity, Antre Peaux. Entity, for which we are now working, proud of our respective histories and happy with the stories to come for the ambition of a desirable future.
We thank with emotion and friendship all those who have created, built, transmitted Bandits-Mages: the founders, the students, the artists, the filmmakers, the writers, the theorists, the filmmakers, all the successive members of the Board of Directors and of course the volunteers and all the employees who have animated the global project with energy and respect. Sometimes with pain but always with conviction. Thanks to the friends of Ensa de Bourges and Emmetrop! Thank you to all our partners near and far.
A very special thought for Jean-Paul Labro, one of the founders, who held the boat for many years before handing it over, Gilles Martinez, who never ceased to be present and active, and Amar Belmabrouk, who allowed a sensitive and very respectful closure that we will remember.

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